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Safe Battery Changes

Many digital safes have a battery that needs changing at regular intervals to ensure the continuing operation of your lock. Most changes to digital safe batteries are easily performed by the owner. Even if the battery has died, many safes have battery replacement doors that are accessible without opening the safe. However, if you are unsure or just want guidance on how often to maintain your battery, our St. Louis locksmiths are standing by to provides assistance.

Warning Signs That Your Safe Battery is Low

As a St. Louis safe owner, regular access to your safe can give you warning signs that your battery is running low. Many safes have an audible beep or a warning display on the keypad to alert you to a low battery. However, many safes don't have these warning features included. By regularly checking the operation of your safe, you can catch a battery before it dies. Listen to the operation of the mechanism; if it sounds slow or weak, you may need replacement of your safe battery. If you are unsure, our St. Louis locksmiths are more than happy to examine the operation of your safe for you.

Batter Change Service for St. Louis Safes

We advise that St. Louis safe owners change their digital safe battery at least once a year, which is also how often we advise regular maintenance to the other components of your safe. When it's time for your digital safe battery changes, have one our St. Louis locksmiths take care of it for you and inspect your safe for any other issues. By staying ahead of any minor issues, you can prevent them from developing into a major repair.

Solving a Dead Safe Battery in St. Louis

Depending on your model of safe you have installed in your St. Louis property, a dead battery might provide tricky challenges. Many safes have a battery replacement door located on the outside, but if yours is located on the inside professional locksmith services may be required. If there is no access from the outside, there are often connection points to provide power to the keypad. If neither of these options are the case, your safe may require drilling to reopen it. This is why we advise residents of St. Louis to have their digital safe's battery changed regularly.

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